Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get Them While They're Hot!

What do a roaring fire, fresh cleaned linen, and a McIntosh apple all have in common?
They are 3 of the many WoodWick scents now available at Ekcetera!

All told we have 14 different scents to choose from!  Scents like Zinfandel, Mojito, McIntosh, Tradewinds, and Amber Woods.  {to name a few} We also have WoodWick accessories to keep your candles and diffusers smelling great until the end.

WoodWick candles feature a natural wick made from organic wood creating the sound of a crackling fire and each highly scented WoodWick candle last up to 180 hours.

Ekcetera also has new WoodWick diffusers which are a flameless alternative to candles. Scents include Fireside, Linen, Cotton Flower, Cinnamon Chai, Applewood, and Vanilla Bean and give off a wonderful fragrance for 3 months.

The hardest part will be choosing your favorite! 

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